Viking wasp II Metal Detector

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The WASP II Metal Detector Features the same highly visible black and yellow colouring as our established WASP Metal Detector. With our larger concentric polo-style search head it features a deep seeking All-Metal mode and Pinpoint pushbutton for accurate locating of targets. In addition to applications within the water industry, the WASP II Metal Detector has also proven to be very effective in finding both steel and aluminium tipped arrows used by archers.PRODUCT FEATURES: Non-motion metal detector Pinpoint pushbutton Built-in loudspeaker Headphone socket Telescopic shaft Concentric search coils Waterproof 24cm search head High visibility casing 15-20 hours’ use from 1 x PP3 battery (alkaline recommended) Dismantled length: 50cm Fully extended length: 130cm Weight: 1.4k