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Latest Upgrade - New Battery Seal and Arm Cup

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Product Description

Well it?s no secret that the CTX 3030 is packed with new features, which required significant input from Minelab?s talented team of engineers, designers and field testers during the development phase. Minelab?s team of mechanical engineers were also kept particularly busy. They had the task of building a detector that is robust, waterproof, ergonomic, and at the same time easy to assemble. And in the Minelab tradition, all the advanced features and options don?t get in the way of the CTX 3030 being one of easiest detectors to set up and start using.
The CTX 3030 has ten separate search modes. Each search mode has eight separate functions that can be adjusted individually, by the user. Two of those functions are individual Patterns, with each Pattern allowing the user to adjust the parameters of discrimination, individually. CTX 3030 has a soft programmable ?User Button? that, in addition to a variety of other functions, can be programmed to serve as a ?Previous Mode? pad.
The CTX 3030 allows the user to simultaneously identify multiple targets under the coil, both visually and audibly. With the implementation of Target Trace, we now see real time ?color coded? animation, based on the target?s signal strength and metallic content. For those areas with high levels of mineralization, the CTX 3030 introduces Ground Balance technology that, when used with Ground Coin Separation will stabilize target ID and help find those targets that have, up until now, been masked by ground noise.
GPS and Mapping will allow you to establish WayPoints, FindPoints and GeoTrails as you hunt. With GeoHunt, you can store this information, as well as view a map of the ground you have covered, and record the location, time and detector settings used. This information can then be uploaded to your PC and viewed on Google maps using the XChange2 application.

Finance Option (Interest Bearing)

Detector Total Price Deposit 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months
CTX 3030 Super Value Pack ?1,999.00 NIL ?183.55 ?100.08 ?72.56 ?59.03 ?51.08
  ?1,999.00 ?200.00 ?165.18 ?90.07 ?65.30 ?53.12 ?45.97
CTX 3030 Standard Pack ?1,789.00 NIL ?164.26 ?89.57 ?64.94 ?52.83 ?45.71
  ?1,789.00 ?200.00 ?145.90 ?79.55 ?57.68 ?46.92 ?40.60

*The deposits shown in the table above are just an example and are not a fixed amount.


Features Waterproof - You can go detecting anywhere with this versatile TREASURE detector. You have the flexibility of land and underwater detecting as the CTX 3030 is waterproof to 10 ft (3 m).

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