Fisher F75 Special Edition metal detector + 5" fisher coil

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Now with 3 year limited warranty in the UK.     The acclaimed performance of the F75 Metal Detector had people convinced that single frequency technology was stretched to the limit. But now engineer John Gardiner has taken the F75 another leap forward with a more powerful microprocessor and new DSP code implementing two new signal analysis algorithms   HIGH PERFORMANCE: The F75 is a multi-purpose high-performance computerized metal detector. It has the high sensitivity and ground balancing control needed for professional gold prospecting, the discrimination responsiveness needed for serious relic hunting under difficult conditions, and visual target ID considered essential in searching for coins. The F75 operates at 13 kHz for good sensitivity to gold nuggets and jewelry as well as to coins. The F75 comes with an 11-inch elliptical Bi-Axial searchcoil for maximum detection depth in mineralized soils.   USER COMFORT: The F75 is among the lightest and best balanced of all highperformance metal detectors, so you can hold and swing it almost effortlessly. The arm rest position is adjustable to fit your arm. The grip is durable high-friction foam elastomer, comfortable in any kind of weather. The controls are conveniently located and easy to learn how to use. Locking collars on the tubes eliminate rattling.   EASY-TO-USE & INFORMATIVE INTERFACE: The entire menu is always visible on the LCD display. The LCD display indicates the electrical signature (target I.D.) of the detected metal object. The display provides continuous information on battery condition and on ground mineralization, which affects detection depth. Help messages are automatically displayed on the bottom of the display when necessary.   LOW OPERATING COST: The F75 is powered by four AA alkaline batteries, which will typically last for more than 30 hours of use before needing replacement.   DESIGNED BY MANY OF THE INDUSTRY'S MOST TALENTED ENGINEERS: The lead engineers on the F75 design team were John Gardiner and David Johnson. David Johnson's previous Fisher design credits include the CZ-platform , the Gold Bugseries, most of the 1200-series, Impulse Underwater Detector, CZ-20 Underwater Detector, FX3 magnetometer, the Gemini 2-box locator, the XLT-16 Acoustical Leak Detector, and the XLG-80 Ultrasonic Leak Detector. David was supported by fellow electrical engineers Jorge Corral, Dimitar Gargov, and Mark Krieger. The mechanical design was a collaboration among David Johnson, Brad Fulghum, John Griffin, and Tom Walsh.   HERE'S WHAT THE LEAD DESIGNER HAD TO SAY: ?Most folks figured the F75 was stretched to the limit and couldn't be made to go any deeper. Project Engineer John Gardiner has taken the F75 another leap forward with a more powerful microprocessor and new DSP code implementing two new signal analysis algorithms ? The ?Boost Process? Substantially increases depth under most conditions,m and the ?cache locating process? is designed to find large deep objects. The F75 is already considered by many to be the best all-round metal detector available, regardless of price. We made the F75 LTD even better.?   Dave Johnson, Lead Designer, Fisher Metal Detectors. Includes a free Fisher 5 inch coil - Ideal for trashy ground. Excellent target separation. Great for getting in those confined spaces.