So you’ve heard we offer buy now, pay later as a payment option, but what does that actually mean and what finance options are available to you as a customer on our website.


Clearpay is available on most products and you’ll see it offered at checkout as a payment option. Clearpay takes the total of all of your products and breaks it down for you to pay in 4 instalments over 6 weeks, so 1 payment every 2 weeks. 


Clearpay allows you to break down that total in 4 manageable payments and is always Interest Free! 

What happens if I miss a payment or I make a late payment?

Clearpay gives you until 11pm on the following day to make your repayment and then you will incur a late fee for a missed payment that is not resolved. This will be an initial £6 and a further fee of £6 if the payment is not made within 7 days.
To protect you, their late fees are capped and will never go higher than 25% of the price of the item you purchased.

How does it work for returns/refunds?

If you receive your order and it requires a refund we can hit the refund on our system and the full amount comes back to your original payment method which cancels down the weekly payments and you won’t pay anything. 


Novuna finance is our monthly finance provider which allows you to split up the larger amounts over monthly periods. Novuna finance is available on all machines over £300 and the finance agreements that you will be offered depend on the price of the machine you are placing on finance. Novuna is only available on machines, not accessories. To apply for finance you’ll need to ensure you have placed just the machine in your basket.

The table below shows what you’ll be offered depending on the price of the machine you have in your basket.

How do I apply for Novuna Finance?


Step 1:

Once you’ve picked which machine you would like to purchase for you simply place it in your basket and head to checkout. At checkout, you need to look on the right hand side and you’ll see ‘paybyfinance’ see image below when on desktop 


Step 2: 

Select from the options which finance agreement you would like and then click next. 


Step 3: 

Step 4:

You’ll be redirected on to Novuna Finance's website to complete your finance agreement, please ensure to complete it and if there are any issues, you can contact Novuna on the numbers provided during the application process.

Completing your e-signature:
Towards the end of your finance application, you will be directed to make an e-signature for your finance agreement. Make sure to click on the two highlighted boxes on the right hand side of the document to input your signature digitally. 


Step 5:
The is a VERY important step. Once you’ve completed your finance application on the Novuna website, you MUST click ‘return to shopping (as shown below) this will return you to the Joan Allen website. where you pay your 10% deposit to confirm your order. If you do not pay this 10% deposit then your order will not be confirmed. 

Step 6:

You should receive a thank you for your order page on the Joan Allen website where you will receive your order number. That’s it! You’re all set and we’ll dispatch your machine asap! 




Why can’t I see ‘paybyfinance’ as an option when i’m using a mobile phone

When shopping on mobile you need to place the item in your basket and head to checkout. At checkout at the top of the page on the right hand side you’ll see a black box with a cart in it. Click on this one and it will open up your finance options. Complete this as required and then click the small ‘X’ to close that window and return back to proceed. The image below will show you what to look for on mobile devices.

Why am I not being given the option to pay by finance at checkout?
Novuna finance is only available on machines over £300. If you have accessories in your basket then our website will not allow you to proceed with finance. You would need to place an order for the machine on finance and then place a second order for your accessories. Then just give us a call in the shop and we can ensure they’re shipped together.

I’ve applied for finance but my application went to ‘Referred’ and I wasn’t able to return to Joan Allen’s website to pay my 10% deposit.
Don’t panic! Occasionally Novuna run random checks on some accounts, it just means that we’ve got to give it 24hrs to clear. Once we’ve been given the thumbs up then we can send you a payment link to pay your 10% deposit and to finalise the order. If there’s any issues just give us a call in the office on 01959 571255 

 I’ve completed my Novuna application but forgot to return to your website to pay the 10% deposit, is my application lost?
Your finance order is not lost, we can send you over a link to pay your 10% deposit to complete the order, just drop us an email on [email protected] or a phone call on 01959 571255 and we’ll be able to help.

I’ve been sent a 10% deposit link from your team but cannot see the 10% deposit amount in my basket to pay it?
If your basket is empty upon clicking on the link we’ve sent you, you will need to log in as a customer on the Joan Allen website and then the 10% deposit will appear in your basket. 

Can I apply for finance over the phone?
Unfortunately due to application and completing an e-signature during the process, we cannot complete a finance application over the phone. If you need support whilst completing it online we can help, but we are unable to complete it on your behalf.

My internet lost connection half way through the application, do I need to restart?
Drop us an email on [email protected] and we can have a look and see how far you got on your application and if we can revive it for you. 

I’ve entered the wrong contact/delivery details on my finance and I need to change them, how do I do this?
You’ll need to contact Novuna directly to get any aspects of your application changed. Their customer service number is: 0344 375 5500

Can I collect my financed machine from the Joan Allen Shop in person?
Due to the finance agreement all machines that are placed on finance must be delivered to your home address.  

I’ve changed my mind, how do I cancel and get my money back?
If we have not yet shipped your machine, give us a call and we can cancel your order and refund your 10% deposit. If you have already taken receipt of your machine then you will need to apply for a return and we’ll go through the returns process with you. Best thing to do is to drop us an email on [email protected]

Can I pay my 10% deposit over the phone?
Unfortunately the whole process must be automated and your 10% deposit must be connected to your finance application online. So the deposit must be paid at the time of the application.


When contacting Novuna or Joan Allen, please ensure you’ve got your customer reference number for your finance application from Novuna.
Novuna customer service contact number: 0344 375 5500