How long have you been detecting and what/who inspired you to start?
I started going metal detecting when I was 4 and got my first metal detector for my 5th birthday. It was a c-scope, I can't remember what one it was. My dad (Walter Taylor) inspired me to start metal detecting. I really liked looking at the ship half pennies he used to bring home from metal detecting and I also loved looking at the hammereds he used to find. We used to go out every weekend, but we sadly don't anymore because of COVID-19 but when we can go out, we will be out every weekend. I normally go with my dad and my uncle who also enjoys metal detecting very much.

What is it about metal detecting that you love?
The thing I love mostly about metal detecting is that I know as soon as I get home from school on Friday, I can go out detecting the following day to release the stress from school exams and course work. I also love finding history and attempting to identify coin, 70% of the time I am wrong and need assistance from an expert to help. I really enjoy it as it is a very peaceful hobby that helps people with mental health and you forget about the bad things that are going on. I believe this hobby can put you in the right mindset for anything.

Is there anyone you look up to or love to watch in terms of Metal Detecting?
I obviously look up to my dad and want to make my dad proud by finding lots of historical artefacts and coins. I would like to find a Celtic gold stater, as my dad has found a couple, so I believe he would be very proud of me for finding one. Therefore, my dad is my biggest inspiration. I also enjoy watching a couple of metal detecting YouTubers such as Norfolk Button Boy Jason Jones, Unearthing East Anglia UK and Anglo Detecting Unearthing Our Past. I like watching them as they are all from the UK and their videos are really interesting.

What machine are you using at the moment?
Currently I am using an XP Deus and I absolutely love it, I use a 9 inch X35 coil and I find it fabulous. I use the mi-4 pinpointer, I did use the quest pro pointer but it interfered with my XP Deus so I gave it to my dad. The reason why I like the XP Deus is because it's light and very well built. I use the WS4 headphones as I am not a fan of the WS5 headphones. I also like that you can fold down the XP Deus and fit it into small spaces. In addition it is very simple to use.

What's your best find so far?
My best find is a Henry I Norman penny type VI which I found in an area contaminated in hot rock. I found it in September 2020 and was extremely overwhelmed when I found it. It was dated between 1100 and 1135. The moneyer on the coin was Sigegar. I have also found a Tiberius tribute penny which was in an immaculate condition. The best artifact I have ever found is a complete Roman fibula brooch or a Saxon stirrup mount. I found the stirrup mount in 2017 and the Roman brooch late 2020.

Roman fibula brooch
Roman fibula brooch

Henry I coin

Roman sestertius coins

May 2019 Scattered Hoard Excavation 1

May 2019 Scattered Hoard Excavation 2

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