How long have you been detecting and what/who inspired you to start?
I have always been interested in history from a young age, I started detecting 4 years ago, when a friend asked me to go along and spend the day out on the fields detecting, I didn't have a machine but just listening for that tone and wondering what we was going to find had me intrigued, it wasn't long before I had my own detector and out finding coins.

What's your favourite machine or piece of detecting tech?
I'm lucky enough to have a couple of different machines my favourite has to by the Minelab Equinox 800 its never failed it's found me some amazing artefacts and 100s of coins, my second choice would be the vanquish also a great machine it's sharp light and doesn’t miss much depth is great to.

Where did the name Queen of Coins come from?
I had a really good few months finding Roman, Saxon, hammered coins, some of the detectorists who I often dig with would say queen of coins never fails, so that name stuck.

What's your best find so far ?
I’d had the equinox 800 a couple of weeks, I'd found artefacts a few nice coins cut halfs, I was impressed with its performance to discriminate the non-ferrous metals I was hoping to find,

I was near the edge of one of the field's id been detecting for a while, I didn't have much luck on that particular field but I decided to run the Equinox over the areas I'd previously gone over, I heard the tone I was looking for and started to dig, it was by far my favourite find, a 14th century gold posy ring in perfect condition I was in shock I'd not found gold before so that day was certainly one to remember.
My luck has continued. I found 3 gold coins earlier this year, I stick it out and I never go home until I've found something nice.

Since then I've travelled around the UK attending events, & club digs helping other detectorists with different settings techniques, DM chats giving advice on machines and accessories. I absolutely love it.

Is there a certain place you'd love to detect, a dream location?
I want to get the opportunity to metal detect all over the world there isn't a Pacific place I could  chose right now..  but I'm hoping to travel and explore some amazing places and hopefully find some history while I'm there.

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Blog by Zoe, with thanks to Nicola Andrews